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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


we'll take care of your carpet cleaning!

Carpeting​ is designed to bury sand, dirt and allergens.  Most home or commercial vacuums do a pretty good job of removing the obvious soils. But because they are under powered they just send the heavier soils deep into the carpet and send dust into the air. Vacuum cleaners do little for spots and soils that stick to the carpet fiber.   

At Excel our van powered system extracts the soils and dust to our van and out of your home or business.  As we clean your carpet or upholstery our system heats the solution to 200+ degrees.  We are sanitizing as we clean.  Your carpets are deep cleaned, sanitized and rinsed to reduce re-soiling.  For fresh clean carpets call today.  715-479-8732. We also clean upholsery and offer Scotch-Gard protection.

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*​ Furniture such as beds and dressers may not be able to be moved.  We do have special wands that may be able to reach under large furniture. We decide on a case by case basis. We do not move large clocks, armoures, entertainment systems/cabinets, computers, pianos, organs, fragile antiques, and china cabinets.

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